if you were here…

we all have dreams.

we all long for something–some of us are even bold enough to admit to ourselves what it is that we long for… some of us even go a step further and chase after it… we never give up, we never give in… we may slow down, we may pause to take a breath but we keep going…

that’s been my life… that’s me. i dream… i stare down my dreams… i chase after them and then when the time is right, i sit back and watch as they come true…


the ascension… the cosmos…

this is a painting i completed this month. it took roughly three to four days for me to complete.

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my painting originally started out as another creation but oddly enough, the original was composed of the same colors–with the exception of the gold(s) and iridescent white. (so obviously this was meant to be composed of blues and yellows, it just took me time to catch up :))

something about this painting grabs me and yet, it also says that it is absolutely meant to be in another person’s home. it is a joy for me to complete a piece and feel grounded, knowing that it IS. this piece in particular is very pivotal for me as i finally SAW myself as a healer AND a painter/artist. this painting really opened me up spiritually and creatively and i am absolutely confident that the floodgates have been lifted!

i am so excited about doing more and more painting… connecting with Spirit, with Source… and being the vessel… being the vessel for Possibility Consciousness (as Reverend Deborah Johnson says!)… being the vessel for creation, for inspiration and for Light.

with love always,
Q’orani Candi Kapualani

gypsy on the move…

my time on the east coast is swiftly coming to a close and i find myself going through my things once again, letting go of even more “things”… realizing that i’m moving and moving and moving… on one hand, this could be a highly stressful, anxiety-filled situation… on the other hand, this could be another opportunity of a lifetime; a highly joyful, learning situation.

it is through my Trust, Faith and Surrender to Divine, to the Universe–to God, that i embrace and welcome this wonderful opportunity to deepen, expand and enrich my life. i have learned, time and time again, that i will know what i need to know when i need to know it. sometimes, i feel anxious as my ego wants to know what’s going to happen beforehand “just in case”–JUST IN CASE OF WHAT?! i KNOW, inherently, that i am ALWAYS WELL CARED FOR AND WELL PROVIDED FOR. i KNOW that i am being Divinely Guided, Loved and watched over… no matter what.

this is a photo i shot while driving from Nevada to Colorado (on the long drive to NYC, last year–just around this time of the year, in fact!)… it really was an incredible experience, one that i will always cherish. on the drive i am undertaking this time around, i plan on taking my time a bit more instead of crunching it all in 3 days…

so… as i spend my last weekend here, i just want to say how incredibly grateful i am for my friend, Sarah–for having allowed me to stay with her these past few months… for being my friend and for supporting me tremendously on my path. i am Grateful for my Life, my Path, my Crew of Divine Beings of Light and Love, my Family, Friends and the immense Abundance, Prosperity and Possibility in my Life every moment of every day.

thank you Universe, thank you God… Blessed Be!

energy paintings

this is one of my paintings–when i paint, i start out by letting a color come to me (intuitively) and then i just start painting… my paintings come from a Higher space and i’m constantly exploring new ways of creating and expanding my art. i also do “energy” paintings–paintings that are Sourced by my meditating on a person’s energy… i allow their Light to connect with my Higher Self and from there the paint brush just flows… my work has a life all it’s own and i am merely the vessel between Spirit and canvas.

much love.


life in nyc…

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here are some photos i shot when i lived in manhattan… i found that i hung out in the lower east side, chinatown, little italy and the upper west side a lot… i would often walk from the lower east … Continue reading



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photos from when The Ghost of A Sabre Tooth Tiger played some music in L.A. august of 2009… Sean Lennon and Kemp Muhl. “robot boy” is still my favorite song of theirs… wonder if it’s available for purchase?


maryland, virginia & washington dc

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before the dawn

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a flash of light a rippling tide a warm breeze hits me a memory pulled from the abyss or was it a dream a fabrication a hope a desire a touch a kiss without hesitation familiar and new still unexpected … Continue reading

memory is a strange thing…

sometimes i wonder if what i remember actually happened or if what i remember only happened the way that i think it did… if even at all.

when i look back on a lot of the things i went through, growing up, i realize how seriously melodramatic i made my life out to be… it was like this huge soap opera in my mind. maybe to some degree we all experience that at one point or another… i’m glad that i’ve outgrown the dramatics (for the most part!), but at the time it all felt so “end of the world”… i wonder why i did that. i wonder why people have such a tendency to make such grandiose and over romanticized, idealistic situations out of thin air… as if actual reality just isn’t good enough.

i see the way movies and television have totally warped reality and it’s sad… it’s sad that a lot of people would prefer to believe in highly fictionalized accounts of what really happened because it’s entertaining as opposed to the realities of life that are staring them (us) in their (our) faces every day… the so-called “good”, “bad”, “ugly” and everything in between… especially the simple beauty in life that we can easily take for granted…

ok, so this went from “memory” being a strange thing to REALITY being a strange thing… that was oddly unintentional… oh well… ce la vie.



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i was raised to enjoy nature… i grew up on an island… we went diving for squid, fish, lobster, crabs, etc… i used to climb coconut trees with my cousins to see who could find the most lizard eggs (no, … Continue reading